Online play

  • [EN] Mahjong Soul
    An excellent Riichi Mahjong online video game, available in Windows, web or mobile versions, free of charge (the game includes optional gacha system for extra characters and cosmetic items through in-app purchases). This is our recommendation to play Riichi Mahjong online!

Training tools

  • [EN] Tile Efficiency Trainer
    A site which offers different training tools to improve your control over your hand, notably to practice tile efficiency or folding against players in riichi, and more.
  • [EN] Score Trainer
    A tool to practice counting hand value and scores.
  • [EN] Wait Trainer
    A tool to practice identifying waits in Flush or Half-Flush hands, which can often be tricky due to multiple possible shapes.
  • [EN] MajSoul Stats
    A site which analyses games played in Gold or higher rooms (Expert rank and above) in Mahjong Soul and allows more advanced players to study their detailed stats and compare them with other players.
  • [EN] Mahjong AI Utilities
    A site which uses AI to analyse a Mahjong Soul or Tenhou game log to identify good and bad choices performed at each step of the game.

Tutorials on YouTube

  • [EN] Mahjong Samurai
    A channel proposing easy to follow tutorials aimed at begining to intermediate players.
  • [EN] Crow_77
    A channel dedicated to Riichi Mahjong strategies, aimed at intermediate players.
  • [EN] Xanxust Mahjong
    A channel by a Saint 1 player in Mahjong Soul from Singapore, sharing advice aimed at experienced players.

Other links

  • [EN] European Mahjong Association
    The website of the European Mahjong Association, which proposes the official rules for tournaments in Europe, as well as a calendar of events and player rankings for both RCR and MCR mahjong in Europe.
  • [FR, EN] Ooyamaneko
    A website comparing different rulesets for Riichi Mahjong used throughout the world.